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Title The determining factors in school contexts which lead to active lifestyles among young people with disabilities
Publication date 2017-07
Source v.29 no.1
Author(s) Helene Carbonneau; Romain Roult; Marie-Michele Duquette; & Emilie Belley-Ranger
Page 13-30
Publisher Korea Institute of Sport Science
Summary A high percentage of young people have a sedentary lifestyle. However the young people with disabilities tend to be even less active. Schools are expected to play an important role in supporting an active lifestyle. It is crucial to better understand the determining factors which lead young people with disabilities to adopt active lifestyles. A study has been performed based on 15 case studies in different schools with a mixed method. Four principal categories of factors influencing an active lifestyle for young people with disabilities emerged from this study: adapted environment and universal accessibility, help and support, social interactions, and the quality of the experience. This study focuses on the measures to be put in place to support an inclusive experience in the field of sport and physical activity among young people with disabilities.

Key words: physical activity; integration; inclusion; health promotion; schools
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