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Title Testing the relationships among motivation, service quality, customer satisfaction and loyalty: A case of recreational golfers in south korea
Publication date 2017-07
Source v.29 no.1
Author(s) Boyun Woo
Page 64-76
Publisher Korea Institute of Sport Science
Summary Competition among golf courses in South Korea for recruiting and retaining customers has increased dramatically over the years as the number of golf courses grew. Therefore, it has become important for golf course managers to understand what attracts golfers to their golf courses. The purpose of this study was to examine the relationships among motivation, service quality, customer satisfaction, and loyalty among recreational golfers in South Korea. Total 563 recreational golfers participated in this study and responded to a self-administered survey measuring the constructs. The result showed that intrinsic motivation and extrinsic motivation were positively associated with service quality whereas amotivation was negatively related to service quality. In addition, golfers’ perceived service quality had a positive impact on golfers’ satisfaction and loyalty towards golf courses. These results suggest that golf course managers should understand the types and levels of motivation golfers have and develop strategies for enhancing service quality.

Key words: Motivation, Service Quality, Satisfaction, Loyalty, Golf
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