Industry Office

Department of Sports Industry

Department of Sports Industry carries out a
variety of projects that contribute to the indust-
rial growth potential and high value-added
sports businesses in orderto make a transition
from the 'sports powerhouse' to the 'sports
industry powerhouse'.
To name some of its projects, there are:
developing new markets through facilitating
convergence of sports and other industries,
supporting small but strong sports companies in financing and management, encouraging development of new technology by certifying R&D and sports goods, training and producing professional manpower, supporting start-ups in sports industry, creating jobs, and establishing information data of sports businesses.

Sports Industrial Technology Research and Development (R&D) Support

Project Summary
  • This project is to fund research and development expense with the object of developing new technology and new sport products for the industry.
  • Qualification to Apply: national and public research institutes, universities, sports industry related companies, and the like
  • Research Assignment for Recipients
    • Political Assignment: an assignment that the Minister approved its political necessity
    • Designated Assignment: an assignment recognized its necessity of long-and short-term technological development
    • Autonomous Assignment: an assignment that the sports industry related organizations themselves recognized its necessity of technological development
  • Supporting Funds: between 50% to 75% of research and development expense
  • Royalties: Recipients payroyalty (10% to 40% of received support funds) when they succeeded in developing new technology.
Contact for Inquiries
  • Industrial Technology Promotion Team, +82-2-970-9679

Testing and Certifying Sports Goods

Project Summary
  • KISS runs the test and inspection office that carries out development tests on new technology and new products.
  • issuing test report, developing test method and standards
  • Enforcing sports goods quality certification system (KISS mark), evaluating certification, supporting overseas certification
  • Selecting excellent sports goods manufacturing company, inspecting foreign sports goods to bring into the nation
Contact for Inquiries
  • Sports Goods Test and Inspection Office of Industrial Technology Promotion Team, +82-31-9565~9569