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정기간행물 안내

한국스포츠정책과학원에서는 최신 체육정보 보급 및 우수 논문 소개 등을 위해 정기적으로 3종의 간행물(체육과학연구, IJASS,
스포츠과학)을 발행하고 있습니다.

연구과제원문 상세내용
제목 The Relationship Between the Score system and Performance Determinants of Modern Pentathlon [발행] 표지사진 없음
저자 Seunghun Lee, Hyongjun Choi
발행일 2020-12
권호정보 v.32 no.2
원문 첨부파일
The rules of modern pentathlon, in which the final ranking is determined by the results of swimming, fencing, riding, and laser-run, have been revised and managed by UIPM (International Modern Pentathlon Union). This study was conducted to evaluate the relationship between the score characteristics of five sports events and their influences on the final ranking, and to improve the UIPM's score conversion system, by analyzing the UIPM Level 1 final records of three years before and after 2017 when the swimming score system was revised. Independent t-tests revealed that laser-run performances improved significantly after the revision in 2017, while swimming performances got worse. The results of multiple regression analysis obtained through the four conversion scores showed that all four independent variables were significant. Considering the characteristics of Modern Pentathlon In Which The Importance Of Each Component Event Should Be Similar This Study Showed that the relative importance was biased towards fencing and the swimming event was neglected. Therefore, it seems necessary to change the swimming conversion score system to assess the players of modern pentathlon accurately and fairly.

Key words: performance analysis, modern pentathlon, UIPM, combined sports, game outcome, relative importance