The Scientific Committee of the 10th ACSS Conference is now welcoming abstracts from leading researchers and practitioners of Sport Science. The ACSS 2015 program will consist of three main session types:

Theme and Topics
Theme Interdisciplinary Research for Sport Science

Session 1 : Athletic Performance Enhancement in Sport Science

  • Psycho-physiological research in sport
  • Measurement development for talent identification and development
  • Biomechanics and movement research in Elite sport
  • Interrelationship Endocrinology and Nutrition in Sport performance

Session 2 : Athletic Performance Enhancement with Other Science

  • Neuroscience analysis for athletic performance
  • Sport medicine for injury prevention
  • Movement analysis by computer science
  • Aerodynamic analysis for sport wear

Session 3 : Interdisciplinary Sport Science for Social Issues

  • Policies to promote physical activity in school
  • Health benefit and well-being issues
  • Urban amenity and healthy life style