About KISS

Open innovation & advanced science
for the progress of Korea-based sports; Through innovation,
the KISS renews its commitment to its mission
and engages in research for a profound
understanding of sports to adapt and meet the
changes in the industry.

Established in 1980, the Korea Institute of Sport Science is a public enterprise which advances Korea's sports industry by promoting the spirit of competition in elite sports and the community sports, sports for persons with disabilities, and physical fitness of society.

Today, KISS remains fully committed to the research and support of the sports industry that have enabled Korea’s global sporting achievements.
We are at the heart in the sports industry, alongside our athletes and industry professionals,
leading its development through creativity and the confidence that comes from understanding, and pursue innovation to be ready for the changes is to come.

The world is constantly evolving, and sports is no exception. Amid the cut-throat competition to stay on top in global sports competitions,
the importance of advanced scientific support will only continue to grow.
The value of sports, leisure, and fitness will only increase, and an ever increasing tally of people will seek personalized solutions
that are effective and enable them to get the most out of time invested. There are people
from all different walks of life- professional, up-and-coming, amateur athletes, ordinary citizens, sports enthusiasts, outdoor activity hobbyists, among others-
in the sports industry who need products and services of proven merit. To advance sports in today’s connected world will warrant forward-looking
thinking that goes way beyond what is tangibly apparent.

Across the sports industry, in talent identification and development, teaching and training, competitive tactics analysis, sports technology for persons with disabilities,
sports event management, fitness technology, & so on, constant innovation of knowledge is pivotal.

KISS is fully committed to providing athletes, coaches, instructors, sports scientists, sports management professionals, sports R&D professionals,
and others engaged in the sports sector with current and practical knowledge and resources that make a real difference in their endeavors.