The Korea Institute of Sports Science
supports the improvement of
the health & wellbeing of Korean citizens

Founding Principles
  • Development & support of policies for the advancement of sports in society
  • Research & support of the advancement of the sports industry
  • Systematic & comprehensive research in sports science
  • Support of exchanges and cooperation in global sports
  • Support for improving the performance of athletes representing Korea on the local & international stage
  • Global exchange of sports knowledge & information
May. 2021
The 14th president, Nam Youn-Shin, appointed
Dec. 2020
The Sport Science Center in Gangwon - do opened
May. 2018
The 13th president, Jung Young-Rin appointed
Apr. 2018
Renamed the "Korea Institute for Sport Science"
May. 2017
Reappointed as a UNESCO Chair
Jan. 2016
Merged with the Korea Foundation for the Next Generation Sports Talent
Mar. 2015
The 12th president, Park Young-Ok, appointed
Jan. 2014
Renamed the "Korea Institute for Sports Development"
Dec. 2012
The 11th president, Jung Dong-Shik, appointed
Nov. 2012
International UNESCO Chairs Forum hosted
Oct. 2012
KISS senior researcher Kim Byung-Hyun awarded the order of Sport Merit
Jun. 2012
Appinted as a UNESCO Chair
Partnership agreement with the Singapore Sport Institute, UNESCO, Korea Military Academy, & Hong Kong Sports Institute
May. 2008
Appointed as a global event research institute
Jun. 2004
Recognized by the Korea Laboratory Accreditation Scheme as an official international testing institute
Mar. 2004
The Physical Education Promotion Project commenced
Jul. 2003
The National Fitness Center relocated to Seoul Olympic Park
May. 2003
Sporting goods testing center opened
Mar. 2003
Appointed as a training institute for local public officials
Jan. 2003
Separation of the National Fitness Center
Jan. 1999
The Korea Sports Promotion Foundation established as an auxiliary organization
Oct. 1996
Appointed as a sports administration officials training institute
May. 1995
Appointed as a Level-1 community sports instructor training institute
Dec. 1994
The National Fitness Center opened
Jan. 1994
Appointed as a Level-2 coach testing institute
Oct. 1990
Appointed as a Level-2 community sports instructor training institute and as a Level-2 & Level-3 community sports instructor testing institute
Aug. 1990
Appointed as a Level-1 coach testing institute
Nov. 1989
Appointed as a Level-1 coach training institute
Jul. 1989
Incorporated as the Korea Sports Science Research Institute
Dec. 1980
The Sports Science Research Institute established under the Korea National Training Center