With advanced science
and open innovation,
We will become the leader of
sports in Korea.
Korea Institute of Sport Science
(KISS) will reform its essential
duties to execute future
corresponding research and
provide sophisticated data analysis.

KISS is a quasi-governmental organization that leads promotion of sports industry meeting the needs of the time. Since its foundation in 1980, KISS has been playing a pivotal role in national physical development by strengthening competitiveness of elite sports, conducting research and development for promoting participation in sport for all and adapted physical activities, and executing measurement and business development for advancing national physical fitness.

As always, KISS will continue to conduct professional research and support for increasing global competitiveness of national sports. We will also lead the development of sports industry in its very close site with creativity and confidence. We will, however, never stop reforming ourselves for future.

Unimaginable changes will occur in the field of future sports. The importance of advanced science aid will increase amid fierce competition in order to maintain international competitiveness. Sports, leisure, and fitness will gain greater value in the future and individuals will favor more efficient, time-saving, and personalized service. Elaborate knowledge-based service, sporting goods, and sports equipment will be needed for representative players, young players, leisure sports participants, professional sports spectators, and outdoor sports consumers. Sports development in this smart digital era can only be done when we take one step ahead of our people.

A variety of fields of sports such as TID (scouting and fostering sports players), training and instruction, tactical game analysis, exercise assisting device for the disabled, operational technique of sports event, fitness management skill, etc. need knowledge-based innovation.

KISS will play the role of bridgehead of knowledge and become the platform of market information where internationally proven players, coaches, sports scientists, instructors, sports management professionals, sports industry R&D specialists, and other sports related individuals can rely on as their base.

President of Korea Institute of Sport Science Youn-shin Nam