The Korea Institute of Sports Science keeps up with the growth of advanced sports by sending researchers to a variety of international events and academic conferences to progressively manage and lead the changes in the globalization age. Furthermore, the Korea Institute of Sports Science promotes the exchange of sports science through sports exchange agreements with a number of countries throughout the world.

Dispatch investigation researchers abroad, and attending international conferences

Organization dispatched(or invited)
Year Organization dispatched(or invited)
  • Illinois State University, USA
  • University of British Columbia, Canada
  • California State University, Fullerton
  • Hungarian College of Physical Education, Hungary
  • Invited: D.N. Mathur, Chairman of India Sports Science Institute
  • India Sports Science Institute, India
  • Brigham Young University, USA
  • University of Georgia, USA
  • Ohio State University, USA
  • Penn State University, USA
  • US Olympic Training Center, USA
  • Invited: P.H. Gupta, Sr. Research Scientist of Indian Ministry of Sports
  • Arizona State University, USA
  • Cooper's Aerobics Center, University of Texas at Austin, USA
  • University of North Carolina at Greensboro, USA
  • Computer Learning Center, University of Southern California, USA
  • Ohio State University, USA
  • University of British Columbia, Canada
  • State University of New York, USA
  • Data Collection about Baseball Pitching Skill & its Evaluation, USA
  • Data Collection for National Fitness Center Programs, USA
  • Quinton Fitness Equipments, Keiser Corp., etc. ,USA
  • Data Collection, USA, England, Japan, Swiss, Germany, Norway, Canada etc
  • Data Collection, USA and Germany
  • Data Collection, France, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, United States, Germany, China
  • Data Collection, U.S, France, The United Kingdom, Australia
  • Data Collection, Japan, United States
  • World Sporting Goods Expo in Taipei, Taiwan
  • 2004 Asia Sports Science Conference in Beijing, China Annual Conference of North American Sports management Society in Atlanta, USA
  • Attended games by field in Athens, Greece
  • South and North Korea Scientific Sports Seminar and information exchange in Jilin, China
  • 2004 North American Sports Sociology Society Conference in Tucson, USA
  • North American Sports Management Society Conference in Regina, Canada
  • Presentation at the International New High-tech Material Development and Performance Evaluation Society Conference in New Zealand
  • Presentation in World Sports Psychology Society Conference in Australia
  • 2005 World Open Table Tennis Championship in Japan
  • 60th Japan Physical Strength Medicine Society Conference
  • World "Sports and Peace" Conference in Russia
  • Analysis of the abilities of competitors and collection of information on competitors for the 2008 Beijing Olympic in Russia
  • Attended Otago university foreign policy course in New Zealand (New Zealand - Dunedin)
  • Overseas data examination to develop strategy for the aged physical exercise promotion (Japan - Tokyo)
  • Presented thesis of yearly learning conference thesis at the sport science organization in Europe (Swiss-Lausanne)
  • Overseas data examination of basic sports revitalization plan (America - Indianapolis, Colorado Springs)
  • Participated in the Europe Bicycle Exhibition and visited and collected information on the Germany Bicycle Examination Institution (Germany - Bottrop, Friedrichshafen)
  • Presented thesis at the Japan Swimming and Underwater Sports Organization General Conference (Japan - Nagoya)
  • Presented thesis at the Asia Pacific destruction and intensity institute learning conference (China - Hainan island)
  • Sports scientific support to maximize sports performances at the Doha Asian Games (Qatar - Doha)
  • Consultation between North and South Korea on inter-Korea sport exchanges (North Korea - Pyongyang)
  • Presented thesis at the ACSM international learning conference (America - New Orleans)
  • Presented thesis at the world ISB international learning conference (Taiwan - Taipei)
  • Presented thesis at the international council of sports sociology learning conference (Denmark - copenhagen)
  • Collection of information and inspection on Inter-Korea marathoner overseas field training (China - Kunming)
  • Visited golf club examination enterprise and collection of information on golf club examination evaluation (America - Texas, California)
  • Data investigation on physical system construction plan for the development of Korean sports (France - Paris)
  • Collection of information and inspection of overseas field training for the 40th apparatus gymnastics championship games (Germany - Stuttgart)
  • Collection of information and inspection of overseas field training for the 2007 World Judo championship games (Brazil - Rio de Janeiro)
  • Presentation of International learning conference thesis at the international experiment science of divination institute (Japan - Fukuoka)
  • Collection of information on the sports industry in England and sports separate account in Europe (England, Belgium)
  • Participated and presented thesis at the Council of Sport medication study conference in America (America - Indianapolis)
  • Collection of information and trend investigation on international development of sports items (America - Lasvegas)
  • Participated and presented thesis at the 13th ECSS general learning conference (Portugal - Lisbon)
  • Participated in yearly general meeting and presented thesis at the 2008 international council of sports sociology learning conference (Japan - Kyoto)
  • Inspected various kinds of tournaments and gave sports scientific and information support for maximum sports performance (China - Beijing)
  • Inspected the 2008 Beijing Special Olympic Games and investigated performance of the athletes (China - Beijing)
  • Participated in the anniversary of the 50th CISS learning conference (China- Beijing)
  • Participated in the 6th Asian Conference on Sport Science(ACSS) (China – Beijing)
  • Presented at the Annual Meeting of American College of Sports Medicine(ACSM) (America – Seattle)
  • Research Trip for the School and Elite Sports Education Development Program in Europe (England – London, Loughborough, Germany)
  • Research Trip of the Japan Institute of Sport Science(JISS) (Japan – Tokyo)
  • Research Trip of the 2009 Modern Pentathlon World Championship (England – London)
  • Research Trip of the USGA Golf Club & Golf Ball Examination (America – New Jersey)
  • Research Trip for the Physical Exercise Support for Disabled Youth in Asia (Japan – Tokyo)
  • Research Trip for the Management of National Athlete & the Team Training System in Russia (Russia)
  • Research Trip for the Sports Member Organization Management System & Management Skill Development (Germany – Frankfurt)
  • Research Trip of the National Athlete Sport Institutes of Vietnam (Vietnam – Ho Chi Minh)
  • Research Trip for the National Athlete Training System & Training Institute Management System (Japan - Tokyo)
  • Analysis & Support for Korean National Team at the Guangzhou Asian Game (China - Guangzhou)
  • Presented at the annual meeting of the American College of Sports Medicine(ACSM) (America – Baltimore)
  • Presented at the 2010 Lausanne International Sports Management Conference(LISMC) (Switzerland – Lausanne)
  • Research Trip for the Elite Athletes Psychological Support System Development (England, France, Germany)
  • Support for the Guangzhou Asian Para Games (China - Guangzhou)
  • Participated in the Asian Conference on Sport Science(ACSS) (Japan – Tokyo)
  • Research Trip of the England Sport Institute for the London Olympics (England – London)
  • Research Trip for the Para-athletes with an Intellectual Disabilities (Italy)
  • Participated in the 2011 World Congress of Sociology of Sport by the International Sociology of Sport Association (Cuba)
  • Research Trip for the International Exchange Programs (Russia)
  • Participated in the International Conference in Vietnam for UNESCO Chair research institute
  • Participated in the UNESCO CIGEPS International Meeting (France – Paris)
  • Participated in the INTRESKI Austria Conference (Switzerland, Austria)
  • Research Trip of the Major Institute of London Olympic, Institute Utilization Plan & Marketability (England – London)
  • Exchange & Cooperation Program of Sport Science · Industry · Policy with the ‘Hong Kong Sports Institute(HKSI)
  • Presented at The 3rd International Conference on Sport and Exercise Science 2012 (Thailand , Singapore)
  • Presented at the Sports Science & Medicine Symposium 2012 by Singapore (Singapore)
  • Analysis & Support for Korean National Team at the London Olympic (England - London)
  • Presented at the Conference of the London Olympic Conditioning Plan (Japan)
  • Presented at the International Scientific Symposium in Hongkong (Hongkong)
  • Presented at the 60th Annual Meeting of The American College of Sports Medicine(ACSM)” (America)
  • Presented about the Psychological Support for The London Olympic National Athletes (Singapore)
  • Research Trip for the 2013 Modern Pentathlon World Championship (Taiwan – Kaohsiung)
  • Research Trip for the Planning of League Program on Weekend for School Athlete Club (America)
  • The Asia Conference on Sport Science (Hongkong)
  • Research Trip for the Sports Science Policy Institute Program Development (Japan)
  • Presented at the Annual Meeting of the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) (America)
  • Research Trip for the Role of Public & Private Sports Facilities in Germany (Germany)
  • Participated in the Annual Congress of the European College of Sport Science(ECSS) in the Netherlands (Netherlands)
  • Research Trip for the International Sport Business industry (Spain)
  • Research Trip to identify Europe Capitals and Cities of Sport Project (England, Netherlands, Belgium)
  • Presented at the European College of Sport Science(ECSS) (Sweden)
  • Presented at the 50th International Sport Sociology association (France)
  • Presented at the Annual National Conference of the National Strength and Conditioning Association (America)
  • Presented at the Japan Society of Exercise and Sport Physiology(JSESP) (Japan)
  • Research Trip for data collection of the Singapore Sports-safety (Singapore)

Host international conference on Sports Science

<The 2001 Asian Conference on Sport Science>
  • Theme : National Sports Policies & Sports Sciences in the 21st Century
  • Period : May 2 ~ May 5, 2001
  • Venue : Seoul Olympic Parktel and Olympic Park (Korea)
  • Description
    • History and culture of the Olympics
    • National sports policies
    • Application of sports science
    • Sports industry and marketing
<The 2005 Asian Conference on Sport Science>
  • Theme : New Age of Sports Science
  • Period : May 9 ~ May 12, 2005
  • Venue : Jeju Island (Korea)
  • Description
    • Innovative change of sports science (natural science field)
    • Various aspects of sports development (political and social science field)
  • Participants
    • Sports Scientists in Korea, China, Japan, and the USA

Exchange sports science information with other countries

The Korea Institute of Sports Science implementes a system for international relations and cooperation with China, Japan, Israel, and Australia in the sports science field and has been exchanging information regarding infomation of sports science.