The first UNESCO Chair as an
Institute in Korea

KISS will research on the value of sports
For youth development and share it.

In March 2012, the United Nations Educational, Scientific andCultural Organization (UNESCO) signed the agreement toestablish a UNESCO Chair in The Development of Youththrough Sports Activities with Korea Institute of SportScience (KISS). The UNESCO awarded the KISS the secondUNESCO Chair in the fields of sport in the world.

The KISS will push forward with 'The Development of Youth through Sports Activities' program by focusing on the positive roles of sport activities as an alternative to youth problem.

The UNESCO Chair program will prove that sports can play a positive role in the youth development through research, workshop, seminar and forum related to youth sports activities. In addition, This Program was conceived as a way to solve the youth problem in the world by disseminating a series of research results and program.

The KISS formed a partnership with Philippines Sports Council(PSC), China Institute of Sport Science (CISS), Hong Kong Sports Institute (HKSI), Bangladesh Institute of Sport Science (BISS),Lao National Committee of Sports and Physical Culture (Laos), Hochimin University of Sport (Vietnam), Brapha University‘ (Thailand), Singapore Sports Council (SSC), and Korea youth-related agencies.

With the partners, the KISS will do research and develop sport programs. Also, the KISS will make a concerted effort to disseminate youth sport programs.