Sports Policy Support

The Korea Institute of Sports Science leads the direction of public policies for the development of national sports through the establishment of sports policies, including a 5-Year National Sports Promotion Plan and the evaluation of sports policies. Furthermore, the KISS supports the establishment of policies by collecting a variety of opinions through seminars given by outside researchers and an advisor committee system.

Scientific Training for National Athlete

The Korea Institute of Sports Science operates an integrated support system for scientific training with sports scientists in each field. This system has played a significant role in helping national athletes of Korea to do their best in a variety of international events, such as the Olympic Games,on the basis of diverse data analysis, psychological treatment, and physical strength examinations.

  • Scientific physical strength training program support
  • Sports technique analysis and technical improvement program support
  • Psychological counseling and technique improvement
  • Utilization and support of promising athletes
  • Technical Support for Sports Industry

Technical Support for Sports Industry

The Korea Institute of Sports Science provides technical support and counseling services for the sporting goods industry to ensure the development and cultivation of the sports industry in Korea. KISS makes every endeavor to support the development of new techniques and goods as well as supporting the analysis and evaluation of new goods.

Sports Academics and Promotion Enterprise

The sports academics and promotion enterprise provides sports related projects to any university sports institute in Korea. To a university that has been chosen by this project, the sports academics and promotion enterprise will provide all research and study fees, which will be sponsored by the National Promotion Foundation. This promotion will help the university sports institutes to revitalize their research and to strengthen their research capacity. Not only that, all results will be published in scientific journals to help support policies, improve sports performances, and promote sports for all.

Promotion of Academic Area Support

This promotion supports science conferences and publication projects that are run by the sports learning organization. It is sponsored by the National Promotion Foundation. This promotion will encourage sports learning activities and will contribute to national learning developments and international information exchanges.

Sports Industry Technique Development Promotion Program

The sport industry technique development promotion program provides basic sport science related projects to personal and public institutes, government agencies, universities, and sports related enterprises. The sports industry technique development promotion will support and provide sponsorship by the Sports Promotion Foundation to the chosen project. This promotion will help to establish a sport industry development foundation and the project development results will be published in both domestic and international scientific journals. Not only that, it will apply and contribute to the development of a sports industry through technology transfer, patent application and registration, technology exchange, and practicalization and commercialization.

Sports Data Development

The Sports Information Network service is an essential Internet service for those who are interested in sports and health. It is an integrated sports network providing professional data related to sports by item in cooperation with major sports facilities in Korea. The KISS is the leader in providing a sports database

Next generation sports talent development

Korea Institute of Sport Science seeks to build a systematic education to develop human resource for sports. The institute is also dedicated to identifying and fostering the next-generation sports talent, strengthening cooperation with sports organizations and sharing information in the field through promoting sports ethics and values. By providing lifelong education program, the institute aims to build up the well-developed sports talent framework.