Industry Office

Department of Sports Industry

Department of Sports Industry carries out a
variety of projects that contribute to the indust-
rial growth potential and high value-added
sports businesses in orderto make a transition
from the 'sports powerhouse' to the 'sports
industry powerhouse'.
To name some of its projects, there are:
developing new markets through facilitating
convergence of sports and other industries,
supporting small but strong sports companies in financing and management, encouraging development of new technology by certifying R&D and sports goods, training and producing professional manpower, supporting start-ups in sports industry, creating jobs, and establishing information data of sports businesses.

Strengthening Sports Business Competence by Fostering Professionals

Project Summary
  • Providing Master’s courses affiliated with universities (sports design, sports tourism, etc.)
  • Running the Sports Industry CEO Academy (building business savvy and network)
  • Offering internships in sports industry (supporting undergraduates & graduates of design, natural sciences and engineering to get a job in sports enterprises)
Contact for Inquiries
  • Industrial Support Team, +82-2-970-9615

Running Entrepreneurship Support Center

Project Summary
  • Entrepreneurship Supporting Central and Regional Base Center
    • Hosting Sports Business Start-up Olympiad
    • Hosting Sports Industry Start-up and Job Creation Concert
  • Developing and running entrepreneurship cultivating education programs
  • Running support programs for sports industry start-ups
  • Operating Experts Consulting Group: start up preparation and know-how, human resources, accounting, marketing, etc.
Contact for Inquiries
  • +82-2-970-9619

Running Sports Industry Employment Center

Project Summary
  • Providing employment consulting
    • Matching employers to employees automatically and offering job placement service
    • Training how to write a resume and a cover letter
  • Selecting Excellent Recruiting Companies
    • Giving additional points to a company that applies for various sports industry support programs including the youth internship
    • Offering an opportunity to place banner ads on their company websites
Contact for Inquiries
  • Industrial Support Team, +82-2-970-9638