Industry Office

Department of Sports Industry

Department of Sports Industry carries out a
variety of projects that contribute to the indust-
rial growth potential and high value-added
sports businesses in orderto make a transition
from the 'sports powerhouse' to the 'sports
industry powerhouse'.
To name some of its projects, there are:
developing new markets through facilitating
convergence of sports and other industries,
supporting small but strong sports companies in financing and management, encouraging development of new technology by certifying R&D and sports goods, training and producing professional manpower, supporting start-ups in sports industry, creating jobs, and establishing information data of sports businesses.

Financing for Sports Industry

Project Summary
  • This project is to loan a certain amount of money to excellent sports goods manufacturers, sports facility operators, and sports service providers with the object of creating business foundation and reinforcing industrial competitiveness.
  • Qualification to Apply
    • Sports Facility Operators: All the new sports facility start: ups under the Law regarding the Installation and Use of Sports Facilities or the existing sports facility operators who are planning to improve and repair their facilities (But, excluding membership sports facilities, dancing halls, and dance training institutes)
    • Sports Goods Manufacturers: Excellent sports goods manufacturers selected by the Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism
    • Sports Service Providers: Domestic (not foreign-affiliated) sports game hosting companies, sports marketing companies, sports information providing companies that have been in service for 1 year
  • Range of Loan
Range of Loan
Category Usage Credit Line (in KRW) Reimbursement Period
Excellent Sports Goods Manufacturer Equipment 500 million 10 years (incl. 4 years of grace period)
Research and Development 300 million 5 years (incl. 2 years of grace period)
Purchasing Raw Materials 100 million 3 years (incl. 1 year of grace period)
Sports Facility Operator New Facility Build Up Registered Facilities, etc. 3 billion 10 years (incl. 4 years of grace period)
Reported Facilities, etc. 500 million
Improve and Repair Registered Facilities, etc. 500 million 5 years (incl. 2 years of grace period)
Reported Facilities, etc 300 million
Sports Service Provider Equipment 1 billion 10 years (incl. 4 years of grace period)
Research and Development 300 million 5 years (incl. 2 years of grace period)
  • Condition of Loan: Adjustable Rate from the Loan Account of the Public Capital Management Funds operated by the Ministry of Strategy and Finance
Contact for Inquiries
  • Industrial Support Team, +82-2-970-9685 or +82-2-970-9638


Project Summary
  • Exposition Details
    • Objective: To vitalize sports industry by providing a place where domestic sports goods related small and middle-sized
    • enterprises can share their marketing strategies and industry information and thereby strengthen their industrial competitiveness.
    • Official Appellation: in Korean - 서울국제스포츠레저산업전시회 (SPOEX)
       in English . Seoul International Sports & Leisure Industry Show
    • Period: February 20, 2014(Thu.) to February 23, 2014(Sun.)
    • Location: 1st and 3rd Floor at COEX Hall A, B, C
    • Host: Korea Sports Promotion Foundation, Korea International Trade Association
    • Sponsor: Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Ministry of Trade, Industry & Energy
    • Major Items: Health and Fitness, Outdoor Sports and Camping, Water Sports, Cycling, Extreme Sports, Outdoor Sports Facility, Sports Equipment in Stadiums and Parks, and other sports goods and equipment.
Contact for Inquiries
  • Market Development Team, +82-2-970-9585

Supporting Globalization of Sports Enterprises

Project Summary
  • Overseas Market Consulting and Marketing Support
    • Consulting enterprises about their strategies to enter overseas markets
    • Funding the participating enterprises within 36 million KRW every year (a three-year project)
    • The participating enterprises bear a part of the total expense (a matching funds method).
  • Support for Hosting An Overseas Road Show
    • Supporting a domestic sports goods manufacturing company to visit overseas target cities and meet local buyers face to face and thereby open up a market there
    • Support Details: Searching local buyers and arranging their meetings, local transportation, exclusive local interpretation, transportation for local buyers, shipping expenses, etc.
      ※ Companies’ Charges: extra shipping expenses, flight, accommodation, and other miscellaneous expenditure
    • Booths for Korean Enterprises at Overseas Exposition (in 2014)
Support for Hosting An Overseas Road Show
Name of Exposition Category Period
PGA Merchandise Show, U.S.A. Golf Jan. 22 - 24
International Health and Leisure Exposition, Germany Health & Fitness Apr. 3 - 6
Outdoor Retailer Show, U.S.A. Outdoor Sports Aug. 6. 9
Contact for Inquiries
  • Market Development Team, +82-2-970-9656

Small and Middle-Sized Sports Enterprises Support

Project Summary
  • Operating a counseling program for domestic sports goods manufacturing and sports service providing small and middle-sized companies to enhance their management skills
    • Selecting a company to support → Analyzing and assessing the company → Giving managerial counseling
  • Providing specialized consultation for individual enterprises in their specific areas
    • Management (Human Resources, Accounting, etc.), Legal Advice, Sales and Marketing
Contact for Inquiries
  • Industrial Support Team, +82-2-970-9674